“Science is always discovering odd scraps of magical wisdom and making a tremendous fuss about its cleverness.”

Growth; (Germinate, Reap, Offer, Water, Tend, Honour): [def:n] The ongoing results of the act or process of growing; an increase in number, power or degree due to the assimilation of new matter into a living organism, development, change in form and substance, cultivation of the essential being, the production of a result, the passing from one state to another, to advance to maturity and understanding. The process of developing roots by which to gather nutrients to aid further intrinsic growth. [Numerology: 18; welfare of humanity, self-determination and self-sacrificing, tolerance and the notion of building something of lasting benefit.]

Breaking (Some) Traditions ~ Amongst Chaotic Rhythms

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Who Is The Alternative Mumma?

She/Her. Wicca Practitioner/Witch. Student Naturopath. Magick Maker. Creator. Holistic Healer. Herbalist. Mother. Wife. Sister. Self. Crystal Enthusiast + Collector. Clinical Aromatherapist. Environmental Health Scientist.

~ Raine

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Customer Reviews

I don't think Raine realises how much of a difference she makes to people. She has helped me more than she will ever know.


There is no other Witch and Practitioner like Raine. So lucky to have you!


Raine is a world of wisdom, a light to the holistic community and is going places with her magic.


Love everything about, "The Alternative Mumma." So blessed to have found and be a part of this Coven.