Buzz Words of the Health World

Let’s talk about the buzz word of this millennium... Natural🌱

By definition, the word natural, actually refers to, “existing in nature and not made OR changed by man.”
I see it a lot - and before my existing and current studies, I never used to think anything of it. But that’s why it should become more known and talked about more often. Labels within the “complementary/alternative/holistic medicine” industry are often misused and misguided.

For example... DID YOU KNOW; Cocaine and Aspirin is derived from a plant. Please let me know if I’m wrong - but I think we can all agree that we don’t walk around calling them natural.
Therefore, Essential Oils are also not natural. Any grade (fragrance, aromatherapy, therapeutic) of essential oils are NOT natural. They derive from a natural substance (the plant) but once they become something different (the oil), they are no longer natural. I know I know, “But this brand of essential oils, there’s nothing added and nothing taken away.” But... concentrating anything - is by the scientific and correct term “adding and changing something.”

I’m not here to paint a bad name on essential oils (I bloody love them) but I am here to share my knowledge and the correct definitions on words and terminology used within the industry. Read all labels, don’t believe them all at first glance, understand and know the correct terminology (not the societal norm of the word) within the industry and always ask questions.
Because of this, some of my products are all natural and some are not; simply due to the use of essential oils.