Herbs - Mugwort

The Magic of Mugwort🌿 

“Mugwort opens up chambers of ancient memory within the brain, bringing to one’s dream life stirring visions of past and future that overflow with magical imagery. The symbols that dance through your mugwort-touched dreams pull out the cobwebs of our forgetfulness and assist us in remembering, old, unwritten ways of healing and living that attend to the needs of spirit and soul.” - Mythic Medicine.

Mugwort can be used as a liver tonic that treats parasites and promotes circulation, it stimulates and eases menstrual pains and assists in digestion. It also naturally relaxes the nervous system and induces colourful and lucid dreams. Mugwort stimulates the uterus and should never be used by pregnant and/or breastfeeding women. It is also known to have hallucinogenic properties for some, so should only ever be used by adults. (Pair it with a Herkimer diamond, and it is a great tool for lucid dreaming and astral travel.)

Mugwort is discussed as the universal herb for protection and prophecy. Feminine in nature, work with the Third Eye and is associated with the element of Earth and Air as well as aligned with the Moon and Venus.