Salve of Redemption

What makes your Salve different from the rest? Well Susan I’m glad you bloody asked... Ok so I don’t know a Susan. But I generally want to share this because it’s something I’m SO passionate about!


Let’s start with the basics.

DID YOU KNOW: Things like Vaseline and Paw Paw Ointment contain Petroleum Jelly. Let’s break that word down shall we... Petrol.⛽️

Do I really need to say more? Oh wait... they also contain Bees Wax. AKA not Vegan. We need the bloody bees. Leave the bees alone.🐝

Thank you, next... Essential Oils. Yeah look alright. We get it they’re “natural” and bloody great. But Janet... don’t you ever question why you’re Lemon oil can clean a toilet and yet you also add a drop to your water. Does an actual Lemon do that as effectively? 🍋

Ultimately, essential oils are a CHEMICAL compound breakdown of a natural plant. Let’s go back to basic chemistry people. Chemical changes cannot change one type of atom (the basis of what something is) into another. The number of protons in a nucleus does however change sometimes. So, the identity of the atom, therefore, changes.

Ice is still water, as it hasn’t been chemically changed.💧

But is your Lemon oil still a Lemon? Now don’t get me wrong, I love my essential oils. But with all things, they have their limitations. That brings me to my next point... Coconut Oil. Don’t listen to your Facebook memes and expect that Coconut Oil will tragically change your entire life. It won’t. And for those with eczema, dry and sensitive skin; overtime it can actually thin the skin for some. On the other hand... Macadamia Oil is the highest known natural thing to human skin because it’s super rich in Oleic Acid (what us dry skinned people lack.)

So let’s add all of that up...

My Salve has organically grown (chemical free) plants a the actual plant. 🌱 I heat/distill them within Macadamia Oil (that is locally sourced) and I add some Paw Paw (again, local).... some for me some for you, some for me some for you. You get it right? An actual Paw Paw! (Now tell me why in Paw Paw Ointment they still add Parfum/Fragrance, when Paw Paw is like one of the sweetest damn fruits?! Oh wait... the petrol.🙄)



I use a crockpot to do all of this. If I really went back to basics, I could probably do it over a fire like the good ol’ days. 🔥 Or a 3 month "brew" with the help from the Sun.

And I add an Amethyst Crystal; an all-natural energy source from the Earth.🔮🌏


These days as humans, we have apparently simplified the way we do things. But have we? Like have we really? Some things (like your face or baby’s butt) needs to be well taken care of.😍 Basic and ancestral knowledge, as well as coming back to your roots is sometimes the best answer to the things we can’t seem to get on top of. Someone once told me, that if there’s a word on a label that you can’t pronounce from the first look, then run....I’ve kept to that advice and this is what makes my Salve different from the rest.