Spiritual Tools - The Pendulum

Pendulums are a spiritual and holistic tool that have been used for centuries, throughout history. It is said that they connect to ourselves and higher energies. Ultimately, they can unblock stagnant and still energy as well as provide insight to self-reflection by providing answers of “Yes, No, Maybe” to questions asked.
They have been long used to find water, gems, gold, and other important items.
For instance, in Ancient Europe, doctors and scientists made use of pendulums to locate weak or infected areas of the body. During WWII, Colonel Merrylees used a pendulum to locate buried bombs. And South African miners also used them to find precious minerals in the earth.

I think they are a great way to unlock what we already know. They give us something to hold onto - to grasp, to untie the knots that we can’t seem to on our own. They are a way to connect to our subconscious mind.