Witchy Tip - Plant Magic (Devil's Ivy)

Most of us are aware of the magic and energy that exists within plants🌿  When kept in your home, they improve quality of life, breath and environment. But did you know; Some plants are also able to hold or weave negative energy within their vines🕸  The perfect example of this are Ivy plants! Much like a dream catcher they hold onto those negative vibes for you. But they also need to be released to avoid extensive build up. The time between the Waning and Dark Moon is the perfect period to reflect, purge, declutter and start anew.
The Dark Moon and is the perfect time to prune back your Ivy vines, to rest and restore!
Happy Snipping🌚✂️

Cut Vines can be kept in glasses/bottles of water and will naturally regrow. Cutting the “cords” or energetic pathways is enough to remove the negative build up - and well, who doesn’t want extra plants?