Loose Herbal Incense (Burning + Cleansing Ritual Kits)
Loose Herbal Incense (Burning + Cleansing Ritual Kits)
Loose Herbal Incense (Burning + Cleansing Ritual Kits)
Loose Herbal Incense (Burning + Cleansing Ritual Kits)
Loose Herbal Incense (Burning + Cleansing Ritual Kits)

Loose Herbal Incense (Burning + Cleansing Ritual Kits)

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300ml Clear Glass Jar with Loose Dried Herb Mix and 1 Roll/10 Discs of Bamboo Charcoal Discs (non-toxic).

Burning herbs within ritual is used throughout many cultures all across the world. Providing multiple benefits to one's environment. These can include; removing negative energy waves and improving air quality.


Cleanse -

Salvia apiana* (Australian grown White Grandfather Sage), Melissa officinalis* (Lemon Balm),Verbascum thapsis* (Mullein) and Salix alba* (White Willow Bark). (*Organic Ingredients.)

Calm - Salvia apiana* (Australian grown White Grandfather Sage), Lavendula angustifolia* (Lavender), Matricaria recutita* (Chamomile), Boswellia carteri* (Frankincense) and Commiphora molmol* (Myrrh gum.) (*Organic Ingredients.)

Clear - Salvia apiana* (Australian grown White Grandfather Sage), Mentha piperita* (Peppermint), Rosmarinus officinalis* (Rosemary) and Eucalyptus globulus* (Eucalyptus). (*Organic Ingredients.)

All of these incense blends have the ability to cleanse, and purify the air within a home. But individually they cater to other needs. These include;

  • Cleanse - Healing, Divination, Protection etc.
  • Calm - Sleep/Insomnia, Mental Health, Anxiety/Depression, Purification etc.
  • Clear - Brain Fog, Concentration, Connection, Mental Stress, Headaches and Tension etc.

How To Use: Using tongs, light your Charcoal Disc (due to the non-toxic properties of these discs, they can take on average 3 minutes to light). Place the lit disc in a heat proof dish and a small amount of the Incense blend on top. 

This creates a slow, even and continuous burn. The leftover ash can be used in a beautiful ritual involving your garden, over the ocean, your altar and/or sacred space. 

Sourcing Information: As an acknowledgement to ancestral knowledge and cultures, please know that due to White Sage being an over harvested sacred plant that is part of unsustainable capitalism practices; this White Sage has been sourced from a wonderful Australian business that grows the plant themselves and is conscious with their efforts to produce it by hand; including the organic growing, the cutting, the tethering, the drying, the packing and with only a single harvest a year. The small business operates on virgin farmland in the alpine region of Victoria, and only offers sales to businesses on a wholesale basis. 

Also remember that the word “smudge” is an important part within traditional indigenous medicinal and ceremonial practices; which is specific to prayer... and that you can burn herbs without calling it “smudging."

White Willow Bark is an abundant tree/plant source found all over the World except for Australia and Antartica; so it has been sourced from a certified organic and reputable international company that I support and resource from on the needed occasion as a Student Naturopath.

The remainder of these ingredients have been self grown, self foraged and harvested on Australian soil with an organic status. The Charcoal Discs are 100% Bamboo with no added toxins and/or "petrols" for an easier burn.


Everything is recyclable and/or made from compostable ingredients/resources. 

For burning purposes only. Cruelty Free/Vegan. Please be aware of any possible sinus allergies/reactions. Store below 30° Celsius. Practice correct and safe burning practices. 

PLEASE NOTE: 'The Alternative Mumma' will not take responsibility for the misuse of these products. Be Responsible, Burn Responsibly.