Buffin' Grit - Shower Scrub
Buffin' Grit - Shower Scrub
Buffin' Grit - Shower Scrub

Buffin' Grit - Shower Scrub

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(250ml Clear Glass Pot with Recyclable Plastic Screw Lid.)

The, "Wham Bam, Thank you Mam'. HERE I AM!"

The new beginning that you (or your skin) have been searching for! The perfect product to start your day!

Buff your skin into sublimity with naturally occurring

Oleic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene and Bioflavonoids that aid in Collagen production, removes dead skin cells, firms the skin and doesn't clog pores. An intense, pick me up and deeply hydrating mix that works with your skin to make it softer and smoother, whilst also targeting sore muscles, aches and pains.

How To Use:  Use a small handful to scrub in a circular motion onto your wet skin. For problematic areas (scars, stretch marks, breakouts) scrub for a little longer. Rinse off with warm water.

HOT TIP: Using this as a first step in a skin care routine, followed by moisturising with "Embalmed JuJu" and then using "Salve of Redemption" to focus on irritations, is the perfect ritual to add to your day. 

Ingredients; Sucrose (Brown Sugar & Raw Cane Sugar), Macadamia integrifolia Oil (Macadamia), Calendula offciinalis* (Calendula), Centella asiatica* (Gotu Kola), Stellaria media* (Chickweed), Avena sativa* (Oats),Coffea Robusta* (Ground Coffee Beans), D aplha tocopherol (Vitamin E Natural). Essential Oils: Mentha piperita* (Peppermint). (*Organic Ingredients.)

Curated on a Friday under the guiding alignment of Venus. A day focused on the Goddess of Love and Transformation. She rules the spiritual aspects of people as they manifest on the physical as well as the magical aspects of love, friendship, reconciliation, and beauty.

All products are cleansed with herb bundles during their creation.

Everything is recyclable and/or made from compostable ingredients/resources.

Pregnant, breastfeeding persons and children should NOT use this product. We also recommend NOT using this product before bed. (Due to it's Caffeine and Peppermint content.)

For external use only, avoid eyes and sensitive areas. Patch test and discontinue use if irritation occurs. DO NOT consume. Keep out of reach of children. Store below 30° Celsius. Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding persons. Use within 12 months from purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: "The Alternative Mumma" holds no responsibility over any possible negative reactions to all of the ingredients used within these products. Patch testing is always recommended and if irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please read all ingredients used. These holistic healing options are not to replace professional medical advice or intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If any further questions, please contact your medical professional.