Are your products natural?

Due to my studies and qualifications, I like to make it known that I do not consider Essential Oils natural.

Natural is defined as "existing in nature and not made OR changed by man."

Labels within the “complementary/alternative/holistic medicine” industry are often misused and misguided. I do not want to be one of those people. 
For example... DID YOU KNOW; Cocaine and Aspirin is derived from a plant -  think we can all agree that we don’t walk around calling them natural.
Therefore, Essential Oils are also not natural. Any grade (fragrance, aromatherapy, therapeutic) of essential oils are NOT natural. They derive from a natural substance (the plant) but once they become something different (the oil), they are no longer natural.

Essential Oils are a strong concentration of plant derived matter; and when concentrating anything - by the scientific and correct term that means “adding and changing something.”
Because of this, some of my products are all natural and some are not; simply due to the use of essential oils.

Are your products cruelty free/vegan?

Yes! No animals are harmed during any aspect of the creation of all of my products.

What Crystals do you use within your blends?

The main Crystal chips I use in my products are;

Clear Quartz - Clarity. Manifestation. Focus.

Amethyst - Trust. Intuition. Spirituality.

Rose Quartz - Unconditional Love. Forgiveness. Compassion.

Lapis Lazuli - Trust. Awareness. Wisdom.

Sodalite - Communication. Harmony. Trust.

Peridot -  Effervescent. Joy. Happiness.

However some of my products will come with added Tumble Stones, which you will be provided with the individual healing information.

What if I have a known allergy? E.g. Nuts.

When buying my products online, always read the ingredients used and the safety instructions of any product before purchasing. If you have a known allergy, please contact me via email and I may be able to remove it and use something else. E.g. Use Fractionated Coconut Oil instead of Sweet Almond Oil.

Are these blends safe to use during pregnancy?

Some of them. Two main oils that should be avoided during pregnancy (before 38 weeks) is Clary Sage and Jasmine. This is because they can stimulate and begin labour contractions. A herb to avoid whilst pregnant is Mugwort. This is because it is a natural hormonal stimulant. ALL ingredients are marked and labelled on all individual products. For any concerns, always contact your medical health professional to discuss your individual circumstances. We also have a specific Mother's range.

Are these blends safe when breastfeeding?

Yes and no. Breastfeeding Mum's should only use oils that they are happy to use on their child/ren. It is anticipated that 1% of Essential Oils used will pass through the breast milk. It has also been known that Peppermint can decrease the milk supply of breastfeeding Mums, so remain cautious. If in doubt, we have a specific Mum's and Bub's range. Please read all ingredients and safety instructions.

Where and how do I store these products?

It is important to store your oils in a cool place (usually room temperature or under 30° celsius), upright and with the lid screwed on. Always read the safety instructions, if in doubt please contact me for further information.

Can I use the products on my child/ren?

We have a specific range for small children. Any other products, please read the safety directions of the appropriate age before using.

What ages are your products for?

The products differ but the range of use can be suitable for the age of 3months and up.

I like to advise waiting until 3 months of age in children, due to the sensitivity of newborns. Always read the safety instructions and the appropriate age bracket for each product.

Is there any safety information we need to know before using any of the blends?

Some blends may have possible sun or skin sensitivity, and all products should avoid contact with the eyes. If pregnant or suffering with a medical condition you should always consult a general practitioner, if further concerned.

What happens in the unlikely event a reaction occurs?

In the unlikely event of any kind of reaction please discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. Please always patch test when using any new products to avoid a reaction.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, outside of Australia, I only ship to New Zealand and the United Kingdom. If your area is not available, please contact me so we can arrange it. I would love nothing more than for my products to be available to everyone.

Buyers would be responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Please take into account the possibility of these charges prior to placing your order.

For any further questions or if still unsure; please contact me (Raine) via email,