Moon Magic - Complete Set
Moon Magic - Complete Set
Moon Magic - Complete Set
Moon Magic - Complete Set
Moon Magic - Complete Set

Moon Magic - Complete Set

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Four 10ml Clear Glass Roller Ball Blends (Dark, Full, Waning & Waxing Moon) & Five Crystal Tumble Stones (Moonstone, Sunstone, Labradorite, Tiger Eye & Bloodstone.)

The Alternative Mumma x Earth Jiinda

These potent blends have been curated as a ritual tool for the individual phases of the Moon. 

The Full Moon Phase is recognised as a sacred time across many cultures but all agree it is the high point, or the 'climax' of the Lunar cycle; as well as "the end." Many worship this phase and choose to harness the energy for cleansing rituals as well as sense a form of receptiveness and ultimately the feminine energy of the Goddess. The Full Moon is tied to intuition, it is said that any psychic abilities are at their peak during this phase so various forms of divination are often practiced and inner work is delved into as a time of culmination and manifestation. 

The Waning Phase is when the light of the Moon once again begins to fade, the energy it brings on is the ability to solidify better communication, revelation and completion. It’s provides the chance to take a moment of contemplation and introspection to reflect & re-evaluate before the next cycle, whilst regarding what has been achieved before we finally and once again rest during the Dark/New Moon.

The Dark/New Moon Phase is a sacred time of when Luna joins Sol and together they plant seeds to create new life. It's a blessed time of solitude, self focus, Soul searching and id recognised as a time that is of benefit to health. It is a time when things that no longer serve you should be parted with.

The Waxing Phase occurs after the Dark/New Moon but still within the first quarter; to us it appears as a crescent sliver as it grows in size.This powerhouse blend offers support from this original reappearance of the Moon, right up until the Waxing Gibbous, or when the Moon is considered half full. As the Moon gains intensity, it offers us a chance to amplify things and any focused occurrences within our lives, This can be the want to "up the level" of any relationship, increasing financial situations and meditating on better health. All in all, the Waxing period gives us a good ol' shove to "get moving" as the energy will only fuel the actions we decide to take. 

How To Use: This blend is a supportive and all be it magical potion. It can be used on ones self, chosen pulse points, candles and/or other altar tools as an anointing oil, throughout your sacred and individual rituals of all the Moon phases. 

Waning Moon - Ingredients; Cocos nucifera Oil (Fractionated Coconut), Essential Oils: Juniperus virginiana (Cedarwood), Citrus aurantium var. bergamia (Bergamot), Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium), Ocimum basilicum (Basil), Citrus auraantium (Sweet Orange) and Cinnamamomum zeylaanicum (Cinnamon). Cinnamamomum zeylanicum* (Cinnamon Quill) and Clear Quartz Crystal chips. (*Organic Ingredients.)

Full MoonIngredients; Cocos nucifera Oil (Fractionated Coconut), Essential Oils: Salvia sclarea (Sage), Cupressus sempervirens (Cypress) and Boswellia carterii (Frankincense). Salvia sclarea* (Sage) and Clear Quartz Crystal chips. (*Organic Ingredients.)

Waxing Moon - Ingredients; Cocos nucifera Oil (Fractionated Coconut), Essential Oils: Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang), Jasminum grandiflorum (Jasmine) and Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium). Melissa officinalis* (Lemon Balm) and Clear Quartz Crystal chips. (*Organic Ingredients.)

Dark Moon - Ingredients; Cocos nucifera Oil (Fractionated Coconut), Essential Oils: Matricaria recutita (Chamomile), Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) and Pelargonium graveolens (Geranium.) Matricaria recutita* (Chamomile) and Clear Quartz Crystal chips. (*Organic Ingredients.) 

All products are cleansed with herb bundles during their creation.

For external use only, avoid eyes. Patch test and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Possible sun or skin sensitivity, avoid direct sunlight and UV rays for 12 hours after application. Store below 30° Celsius. DO NOT consume. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for use whilst pregnant. If nursing or under care, please seek further medical advice. Use within 12 months from purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: "The Alternative Mumma" and "Earth Jiinda" hold no responsibility over any possible negative reactions to all of the ingredients used within these products. Patch testing is always recommended and if irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please read all ingredients used. These holistic healing options are not to replace professional medical advice or intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If any further questions, please contact your medical professional.