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Nighty Night
Nighty Night
Nighty Night

Nighty Night

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(100ml Clear Glass Bottle with Aluminium Screw Lid.)

Scents of a kitchen and a cup of tea - A harvested nutty aroma, amongst delicate and sweet flowery tones. A soft-curated oil blend; perfect for anyone needing support for the aid of a relaxed and undisturbed slumber as well as a more naturally derived alternative towards the care of all skin types. This massage oil may also provide support towards Eczema, Dermatitis, Dry Skin, Pigmentation, Skin Abrasions and most other skin sensitivities.

DID YOU KNOW: Macadamia Oil is the closest all natural oil to the properties of human skin. Particularly those who lack in Oleic Acid (dry/sensitive skin.) It not only restores the barrier of the skin but also keeps it hydrated. It returns natural colours to the skin, helps with the absorption of Vitamin D, works as an enhanced penetration to the skin and promotes a healthy heart with essential fatty acids.

REMEMBER: "What goes on, goes in."

How To Use: Massage over the effected area of discomfort, irritation or as an everyday moisturiser.

Ingredients: Macadamia integrifolia Oil (Macadamia), Essential Oils: Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender), Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang). Rose Quartz, Calendula officinalis* (Calendula) and Matricaria recututa* (Chamomile). (*Organic Ingredients.)

All products are cleansed with herb bundles during their creation.

Everything is recyclable and/or made from compostable ingredients/resources.

Contains Nuts (Macadamia). May be present: Peanut, Sesame and Tree Nuts. For topical and external use only, avoid eyes. Patch test and discontinue use if irritation occurs. SHAKE WELL before use. Store below 30° celsius. Keep out of reach of small children. DO NOT consume. If pregnant, breastfeeding or under care seek further medical advice. Use within 12 months from purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: "The Alternative Mumma" holds no responsibility over any possible negative reactions to all of the ingredients used within these products. Patch testing is always recommended and if irritation occurs, discontinue use. Please read all ingredients used. These holistic healing options are not to replace professional medical advice or intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If any further questions, please contact your medical professional.

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