Space Setting Candle - Crystal Infused (Nag Champa)
Space Setting Candle - Crystal Infused (Nag Champa)

Space Setting Candle - Crystal Infused (Nag Champa)

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Nine Dawn Crystals & Candles

100% Vegan & Cruelty Free

Coconut Soy Wax approx. 400g | Glass Weight: approx. 527g
Burn Time: 63 hours | Crystal Infused

This Candle has been created to aid you in setting your space and to uplift, purify, and cleanse your area before tapping into your ritual for meditation, readings, yoga, praying, journaling, or even working with clients.

These space setting candles have been specifically chosen for their properties and abilities to cleanse your space and raise your vibration, keeping you protected from negative energies by neutralising or turning it into love, blocking spiritual attacks, allowing room for healing, growth, spiritual awareness, focus, concentration and connection with other people and the spiritual world.

These Candles have been made with good intentions and have been further cleansed with Selenite and filled with the love of Rose Quartz.

Burn the candles as you set your space to and prepare yourself for your individual Spiritual work. When you have finished blow it out after your closing ritual or ceremony.
Each Candle comes with 5 Tumble Stones of Ocean Jasper, Brecciated Jasper, Unakite, Tiger's Eye and Black Obsidian to enhance your spiritual abilities.
PLEASE NOTE: That this 'Nag Champa' Candle naturally turns green as it burns, this is not a defect of the candle creation. The Alternative Mumma and Nine Dawn will not take responsibility for the misuse of these products. Be Responsible, Burn Responsibly.

Natalia is Nine Dawn’s Guardian Keeper and is from West Syndey. She hand makes all of Candles. She is also passionate about environmentally friendly practices and creates her own labels and uses bio grade packaging. Her candles travel through a special ritual which is what makes them unique to others. Before every candle vessel is wick’d and filled, they are all crystal cleansed as each vessel sits on Selenite plates, sometimes she will place Crystals inside the vessel, usually rough Rose Quartz to charge each jar with Ultimate Love. The Vessel’s are prayed over, cleansed and blessed. As well as sitting amongst high vibrations, Natalias's actions and intentions are filled with Joy so that every candle is made with Love and serenaded by the wonderful songs of her heritage, ancestral culture and from the spiritual music in the background. Before any labels are placed on the jars they are washed and cleansed with sea water. Natalia feels that it is of the utmost importance, to incorporate the 4 elements in the process of her Candles before, during and sending it away to its new home.

Earth: Crystal Cleanse

Water: Sea Water Cleanse

Air: Breathing/Meditation

Fire: Cleaning Aroma when Lit

These candle’s have so much meaning and inner depth of their creation process, that they are instead a visionary of so much more than "just a candle."